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Recast Big Bang

Recast your fandom!

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layoutHello, and welcome to the Recast Big Bang!

Have you thought about what your favourite characters would do in an another fandom? If you have, and you want to write about it, or make some beautiful art to accompany the fics, this big bang is for you! This is when authors and artists come together to work on a complete 8,000+ fic. The authors first have to provide a rough draft and a summary, and then the artists claim a fic and do a minimum of one piece of custom art for it (art can be banner/header, fanmix, fan video, icon, wallpaper, or any other form as long as it connected to the chosen fic). The fics and art are then posted to the community for everyone to enjoy.

All pairings and fic types are welcome as long as use the premise and/or plot of one fandom to create a new story for the characters of one or more other fandoms. You can write or create art for any het, gen, slash story in any fandom or fandoms. RPF is also welcome. We don't exclude anything, as long as it comes with a proper warning. Come and join us!

Schedule 2012-2013
Author Sign Ups Open: September 27
Artist Sign Ups Open: September 27
Check in: December 20
Rough Drafts Due: February 18
Artist Claims Open: February 21
Final Fics and Art Due: April 1
Posting Starts: April 3

Huge thanks to the fantasybigbang